Saturday, 6 March 2021

Go Go Go! – Gravity Dolls

Saturday, 17 April 2021.

An epic tribute to stupid fun!

Three acrobats wake up in the ultimate escape room scenario, they quickly learn they have to work together, learn from their mistakes and overcome their differences in order to escape.

Stuck in a labyrinth with only their circus abilities to help them, three strangers face a series of challenges that feel oddly familiar. The challenges they face take the form of their favourite childhood games, ranging from retro video games to board games to school yard classics. In order to survive they’ll need to draw on teamwork, physical strength and determination.

As its name suggests this show hits the ground running and builds to such a dizzying pace you’ll be left asking yourself, ‘how can they keep going?’

Bridging the gap between how generations play games, Go, Go, GO! is fun, spontaneous and ridiculous.

Entertaining with bucket loads of nostalgia, it combines stunning acrobatics with ingenious physical theatre to create a playful, hilarious, spectacular world that celebrates why games – in all their various forms – stand the test of time.

“Had me in stiches.” – The Age

“Impossible not to be entertained.” – Arts Review

“A stroke of genius!” – The Plus Ones

Workshop with the artists in the afternoon stay tuned for further details.

When:  Saturday, 17 April at 7.30pm
Where: Swan Hill Town Hall PACC
Who: 7+
Duration: 50 minutes
Cost: Early Bird (25 march 2021 Midnight )

  • Adult $34
  • Concession $30.00
  • Youth 18 years and under $20.00
  • Group 4+ $30.00

Full price

  • Adult $39.00
  • Concession $35.00
  • Youth 18 years and under $25.00
  • Group 4+ $35.00

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