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Bjorn Again

Saturday, 5 June 2021. Dust off those platform shoes, flares and sequinned jumpsuits and get ready to sing, dance and have the time of your life when the World’s Number One ABBA show BJORN AGAIN comes to town on their “MAMMA MIA! HERE WE GO AGAIN! 2021 Australian Tour. Internationally ...

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Go Go Go! – Gravity Dolls – POSTPONED

This show has been postponed due to COVID-19. An epic tribute to stupid fun. Bridging the gap between how generations play games, Go, Go, GO! is quirky, spontaneous and fun. Created in true Gravity Dolls, style of combining circus with story telling, their latest work dives into the world of ...

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The Listies

Sunday, 18 October 2020. ROFLSHALBOWCO (Rolling in the floor laughing so hard a little bit of wee comes out) Written & Performed by Matthew Kelly & Richard Higgins as The Listies! Hilarious, ridiculous fun for your kids that will have the whole family in stitches. Be prepared, The Listies may ...

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Friday, 9 October 2020. A magical physical circus adventure for young people and their families. Dive into a magical world of play and creation, where everyday objects become a universe of fun and adventure. Two strange heroes are hunting for whispers of possibility when they discover a pile of seemingly ...

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Tuesday, 29 September 2020. DINOMANIA is a family show spectacular that allows imaginations to run wild. The audience will embark on an awe-inspiring, exhilarating and gripping journey back to an age when dinosaurs roamed the earth. They will come face to face with FOUR dinosaurs and a quirky cast as ...

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Friday 27 November. Welcome to RAILED, a western themed circus spectacular, combining the trademark physical talents, finely chiselled bodies and hilarious comic timing of the Head First Acrobats. Prepare yourself for when bare chested circus meets bare knuckle bar fights. A racy, heart stopping display of the finest acrobatics by ...

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