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Consentino live

Saturday, 23 November 2019. Cosentino is Australia’s most successful magician, illusionist and escape artist. He has been recognised as “the most dominant figure currently in Australian entertainment” and now Cosentino is quickly becoming a giant on the world stage. A true entertainment trailblazer, Cosentino was the first Australian magician to ...

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Saturday, 9 November 2019. Spot is one of the most loved dogs in the world, and he’s coming to Australia! Spot and his friends are off on a new adventure to visit Spot’s Dad on the farm and meet the farm animals. But when they arrive, all the animals are ...

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The Baby Boomers duo

A Special Performance for Seniors week – The Baby Boomers duo – hits from 50’s 60s’ 70s’ – Includes afternoon tea Wednesday,9 October 2019. Looking for great music and good times ? Then look no more as The Baby Boomers Duo have got you covered! With fabulous vocal harmonies & ...

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The Sapphires

Saturday, 7 September 2019. By HIT productions Written and Directed by Tony Briggs The Sapphires is a multiple award winning musical play and film that is coming to the Swan Hill Town Hall PACC stage…. for the first time. Four young women from regional Australia, who like singing country music, suddenly ...

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